Non-Site Records’ SCR Series


Non-Site Records proudly presents its SCR Series imprint, an audio archive project located within the SoundCloud community. The initial SCR releases are full sets of live music from TILT Brass’ first 10 years of archival audio.

Debut at Bowery Poetry Club [Non-Site SCR 01]

Non-Site SCR 01 Info
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Dave Balllou, Russ Johnson, Brian McWhorter – trumpet
Greg Evans, Justine Flynn, Tom Varner – French horn
Curtis Hasselbring, Christopher McIntyre – trombone
Mike Boschen – bass trombone
Marcus Rojas – tuba
Kevin Norton – percussion

NOTE: Due to technical error with the recording device,  some works on the concert are undocumented and the Rzewski required unfortunate editing.

Bowery Poetry Club, August '03 [Non-Site SCR 02]

Non-Site SCR 02 Info
TILT Brass – Bowery Poetry Club, August ’03
is the second from the SoundCloud Releases (SCR) series by Non-Site Records. It presents music from the 2nd concert by TILT’s original Brass Band project in August 2003. As did the group’s public debut (Non-Site SCR 01), this event took place at the now-defunct East Village venue Bowery Poetry Club. The programing for this show was irreverently “style-blind,” encompassing full-ensemble improvisation, pop tune arrangements, and virtuosic concert music. Experimentations of a young, evolving ensemble comprised of world-class, seasoned NYC professionals. Lots of fun listening, enjoy!

Press Release:

Dave Ballou, Russ Johnson, Jon Nelson – trumpet
Greg Evans, Tom Varner – French horn
Curtis Hasselbring, Christopher McIntyre – trombone
Julie Kalu – bass trombone
Dave Hofstra – tuba
Kevin Norton – percussion