Bowery Poetry Club, August ’03 [Non-Site SCR 02]

Non-Site SCR 02 Info
TILT Brass – Bowery Poetry Club, August ’03
is the second from the SoundCloud Releases (SCR) series by Non-Site Records. It presents music from the 2nd concert by TILT’s original Brass Band project in August 2003. As did the group’s public debut (Non-Site SCR 01), this event took place at the now-defunct East Village venue Bowery Poetry Club. The programing for this show was irreverently “style-blind,” encompassing full-ensemble improvisation, pop tune arrangements, and virtuosic concert music. Experimentations of a young, evolving ensemble comprised of world-class, seasoned NYC professionals. Lots of fun listening, enjoy!

Press Release:

Dave Ballou, Russ Johnson, Jon Nelson – trumpet
Greg Evans, Tom Varner – French horn
Curtis Hasselbring, Christopher McIntyre – trombone
Julie Kalu – bass trombone
Dave Hofstra – tuba
Kevin Norton – percussion