To TILT: Vol. 1 [Debut LP]

In April 2011, Brooklyn-based TILT Brass released its inaugural full-length recording, To TILT: Volume One. Subtitled Original Music for TILT Brass, To TILT is a series of recordings that present repertoire commissioned and premiered by TILT’s innovative brass ensemble projects. Produced by legendary composer and pianist Anthony Coleman, Volume One features the organization’s founding ensemble TILT Creative Brass Band in works that span the group’s 8 year history and broad aesthetic interests. The roster of performers on this record reads like a list of the most innovative musicians on the avant music scene including Shane Endsley (trumpet), Jacob Garchik (bass trombone), Russ Johnson (trumpet), and Kevin Norton (percussion). Compositions on the CD include:

  • Chris McIntyre’s geologically inspired ensemble tour de force Foliation (for Suzanne) (2010)
  • The driving polyrhythmic energy of Nick Didkovsky’s Stink Up! (Evolved Form) (2003)
  • Anthony Coleman’s now-classic “mediation/meditation on ‘Brass-ness’” Set Into Motion (2005)
  • The sardonic, referential, and joyous Revisitor (2009) by Curtis Hasselbring
  • Nate Wooley’s surprisingly luscious chorale there was this shadow, this double (2007)

TCBB @ Oktaven Audio, August 2010
L to R: Will Lang, Jacob Garchik, Gareth Flowers, Russ Johnson, Anthony Coleman,
Kevin Norton, Joe Fiedler, Joe Exley, John Clark, Shane Endsley,
Rachel Drehmann, Chris McIntyre, Nathan Koci