May 31 8:00pm

TILT Brass’ Chamber Music Show feat. TILT Brass Trombones / South Oxford Space

TILT Trombones perform Chris McIntyre's "Tilted Arc", May 31, 2014

TILT Trombones perform Chris McIntyre’s “Tilted Arc”, May 31, 2014

TILT Brass brings the 2013-14 Season to a close with another installment of its important Chamber Music Show series. This years edition features an all-trombone program. TILT’s incredible pool of local trombonists will be heard playing a wide range of repertoire including the first live realization of the tape score to Phill Niblock’s A Third Trombone for trombone octet. The program also includes a preview of trombone septet music by TILT Director Chris McIntyre for an upcoming site-specific event in August and virtuosic solo performances by Will Lang (Xenakis‘ tour de force Keren), Jen Baker (Giacinto Scelsi‘s wonderful Three Pieces) and Jacob Garchik (rarely heard work by Downtown legend Peter Zummo who will be on-hand and performing). Not to be missed!

Jen BakerJacob Garchik, Sam KulikWill Lang, Chris McIntyre, Matt MeloreJames Rogers, and Peter Zummo

Jacob Druckman Animus 1 (1966)
feat. Chris McIntyre (with tape)
Giacinto ScelsiThree Pieces (1957)
feat. Jen Baker
Peter ZummoFive People Taking Long Journeys Separately (1987)
feat. Jacob Garchik
Iannis XenakisKeren  (1986)
feat. Will Lang
Chris McIntyre – Preview from Presencing Piece No. 1 (Fed Plaza)
tutti (McIntyre – conductor)
Phill NiblockA Third Trombone (1979)
> first live performance of the tape score (see below)

South Oxford Space
South Oxford St. (near Hanson Place), Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Tape score for Phill Niblock's "A Third Trombone"

Tape score for Phill Niblock’s “A Third Trombone”

Location: 138 South Oxford Street Brooklyn, NY 11217  [MAP]
2013-14 Season