March 10 12:00pm

Music of A. Gatto, J. Tenney, H. Herndon w. Gelsey Bell & New Thread / Bronx Community College

TILT Brass plays Herndon, 3/10/14

TILT Brass plays Herndon, 3/10/14

TILT Brass joins its colleagues in New Thread Quartet and soprano Gelsey Bell for a stellar program being presented in the architectural gem Gould Memorial Library on the campus of Bronx Community College. Organized by composer Anthony Gatto, TILT et al. will present a section of his new opera Wise Blood as well as an early 90’s work by the venerated composer/theorist James Tenney. Gelsey and trombonist Jen Baker will limn the space with Bell’s Axis Turn TILT will also reprise the talented young composer Holly Herndon‘s Being There (premiered during the 2013 River To River Festival).

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Gould Memorial Library
Bronx Community College, Bronx, NY [map]

Holly Herndon – Being There (2013)
TILT Brass
Gelsey BellAxis Turn from Our Defensive Measurements (2013)
Ms. Bell (voice), Jen Baker (trombone)
James Tenney – Form 1 (in memoriam Edgar Varése) (1993)
Marcelo F. Lazcano – Ser (2014)
New Thread Quartet
Anthony Gatto – Selection from Wise Blood (2013)
Gelsey Bell- soprano; TILT Brass; New Thread Quartet

David Bloom – conductor
Gelsey Bell – soprano

TILT Brass:
Thomas Bergeron, Gareth Flowers, Timothy Leopold, Stephanie Richards – trumpet
Jen Baker, William Lang, Chris McIntyre, James Rogers – low brass
Wei-Ping Chou, Jenny Ney, Rheagan Osteen, Jason Sugata – horn

New Thread Quartet:

Geoffrey Landman – soprano saxophone
Kristen McKeon – alto saxophone
Erin Rogers – tenor saxophone
Zach Herchen – baritone saxophone

Location: 2155 University Avenue, Bronx, NY (Bronx Community College)  [MAP]
2013-14 Season