December 15 8:00pm

UllU duo feat. TILT Brass / Experimental Intermedia

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UllU & TILT Brass Sextet

UllU & TILT Brass at Roulette (by. S. Gladstone)

After a memorable performance of TILT Director Chris McIntyre’s Dedifferentiation with Brass in June, TILT Brass and UllU duo (McIntyre and Either/Or’s Dave Shively) again join forces for an event at composer Phil Niblock’s venerated SoHo loft venue Experimental Intermedia for a night of ecstatic noise and orchestral bliss.

UllU duo at Incubator Arts Project

UllU duo at Incubator Arts Project

TILT Brass:
Gareth Flowers, Tim Leopold – trumpet
Jen Baker, Will Lang, Chris McIntyre – trombone
James Rogers – contrabass trombone

UllU duo:
Chris McIntyre – trombone, Nord Lead 2, percussion, compositions
David Shively – feed back percussion, analog organ, compositions

Location: Experimental Intermedia, 224 Centre Street, 3rd Fl. New York NY 10013  [MAP]
2013-14 Season