June 21 7:30am - 8:15pm

R. Murray Schafer’s ‘Music for Wilderness Lake’ / The Lake at Central Park


R. Murray Schafer

Returning to The Lake at Central Park (SWELTER, 2011), TILT Brass celebrates Canadian composer and sound theorist R. Murray Schafer’s 80th birthday with a special FREE performance of Music for Wilderness Lake (1979). A work for 12 trombones, …Wilderness Lake is in two parts: at sunset (Dusk) and at sunrise (Dawn).

Performance Schedule on June 21:
7:30amDawn from Music for Wilderness Lake
8:15pmDusk from Music for Wilderness Lake
Location Map

TILT Brass Trombones:
Chris McIntyre (TILT Director), Jen Baker, Brian Drye, Jacob Garchik, Ben Gerstein, Kevin James, Will Lang, Mike Lormand, Johannes Pfannkuch, James Rogers

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Organized by:
Americas Society / Council of the Americas
Make Music New York

Location: central park lake, new york, ny  [MAP]
2012-13 Season TILT 10 Fest