March 12

2012 New Music Bake Sale / Roulette

TILT Brass at 2012 New Music Bake Sale

TILT Brass at 2012 New Music Bake Sale

On Sunday, March 11th at 10pm, TILT Brass joins the fray as a performing ensemble during the 3rd Annual New Music Bake Sale at Roulette new Brooklyn home. Works on the 20 minute program include Selections from Mauricio Kagel’s Ten Marches (to miss the victory) [1978/9] (listen to an excerpt of No.4 here!) and local NYC hero Jon Gibson’s Multiples [1972].

Bake Sale Personnel:
Gareth Flowers, Tim Leopold – trumpet
Chris McIntyre, James Rogers – trombone
Matt Marks – French horn
Ben Stapp – tuba
Dave Shively – percussion

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