October 27 8:00pm

McIntyre’s ‘Meta Trombone’ / Greenwich House

Meta Trombone featuring Chris McIntyre

Saturday, October 27, 2012 8pm
Greenwich House Music School
46 Barrow Street NY, NY  [map]
$15 ($12)

TILT Brass presents the debut of Director Chris McIntyre’s new solo trombone program, Meta Trombone. World premiere performances of works by Anthony Coleman and McIntyre, as well as UK/Berlin composer Richard Barrett’s Basalt (1991) and McIntyre’s realization of Cage’s Variations IV (1963) involving multiple radios.

John Cage Variations IV (1963, realization by McIntyre ’12)
Richard Barrett 
Basalt (1991)**
Anthony Coleman
 The Thingliness of the Thing (2012)*
Chris McIntyre Phono-Marker from Smithson Project (2012)*
* World Premiere
** US Premiere

McIntyre plays Berio (by L. Bailey)

Trombonist, composer, and TILT Brass Director Christopher McIntyre presents Meta Trombone, a program of works for solo trombone (unaccompanied and with electronics) that presents a number of radically differing contemporary musical languages, each maintaining focus on the idiomatic sound and mechanisms of the instrument itself. Works include the ecstatically virtuosic Basalt by British “New Complexity” composer Richard Barrett, seminal indeterminate work by American music icon John Cage, and 2 world premiere performances of works by McIntyre himself (a solo live-electronic addition to his burgeoning series of works taking inspiration from American Earth artist Robert Smithson) and legendary “Downtown” New York pianist and composer Anthony Coleman.


2012-13 Season