TILT Creative Brass Band

TILT Creative Brass Band at Roulette, June 27, 2013

LEFT: David Byrd-Marrow (horn), Chris DeMiglio, Gareth Flowers, Tim Leopold (trumpet); David Shively (percussion) // Ted Hearne (conductor) \\  RIGHT: Jacob Garchik, Chris McIntyre, Will Lang (trombone); Joe Exley (tuba); Chris Nappi (percussion)

New York City based TILT Creative Brass Band (TCBB) is an irreverent 10-piece hybrid ensemble; part military brass band, part Downtown repertoire orchestra. Debuting nearly 10 years ago in January 2003, TCBB boasts an expansive roster of participating musicians including trumpeters Gareth Flowers, Shane Endsley, and Dave Ballou, trombonists Joe Fiedler and Jacob Garchik, percussionist Kevin Norton, and special guests including keyboardists Anthony Coleman and Stephen Gosling.

TILT Creative Brass Band

TCBB has presented concerts at local venues ranging from Whitney Museum to Barbes in Brooklyn. Since its inception, TCBB has fearlessly taken on works from the fringes of experimental concert music and hybrid scores combining notation and improvisation. The group frequently presents entire programs of original works by its composer/performer members (Chris McIntyre, Kevin Norton, Curtis Hasselbring, Nate Wooley, among others) and colleagues from the field, including legendary pianist Anthony Coleman, Doctor Nerve’s Nick Didkovsky, multi-instrumentist Charles Waters, and cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum.

TILT Creative Brass Band is featured on TILT Brass’ debut recording To TILT: Original Music for TILT Brass Vol. 1 on Non-Site Records.

TCBB @ Oktaven Audio, August 2010
L to R: Will Lang, Jacob Garchik, Gareth Flowers, Russ Johnson, Anthony Coleman,
Kevin Norton, Joe Fiedler, Joe Exley, John Clark, Shane Endsley,
Rachel Drehmann, Chris McIntyre, Nathan Koci